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I'm Christina Barth, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. My journey began with a degree in fashion and interior design, sparking my passion for creativity. I transitioned into set designing for fashion events, styled commercials, and eventually found my true calling in film, TV, and commercial design.

In 2003, I moved to the United States to pursue my filmmaking career. Along the way, I've contributed to significant independent productions, meticulously crafting sets, creating props, and styling music videos.

While I have practical skills like carpentry, sewing, and painting, I consider myself a storyteller. My main goal is to craft a cohesive, immersive visual world aligned with the director's vision and project objectives.

As a visual merchandiser, I've fostered emotional connections between stories and buyers, driving successful sales. My role as a regional market manager for a prominent American fashion brand, overseeing visual merchandising in multiple stores, honed my ability to handle substantial projects and responsibilities.

I approach every project with rigorous training, extensive experience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. "Good enough" isn't in my vocabulary; I aim for perfection in every endeavor.

Having worked in both New York and Los Angeles, I have a deep appreciation for both cities and their creative scenes.

In my free time, I enjoy great films, my child's infectious smile, the company of cats, photography, the aroma of fresh coffee, and the scent of freshly baked bread.

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